acid stain

петно от киселина

English-Bulgarian polytechnical dictionary . 2013.

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  • acid stain — a stain that is acid in reaction and more readily colors the protoplasm of cells …   Medical dictionary

  • stain — 1. To discolor. 2. To color; to dye. 3. A discoloration. 4. A dye used in histologic and bacteriologic technique. 5. A procedure in which a dye or combination of dyes and reagents is used to color the constituents of cells and tissues. For… …   Medical dictionary

  • stain — 1) n. a dye used to colour tissues and other specimens for microscopical examination. In an acid stain the colour is carried by an acid radical and the stain is taken up by parts of the specimen having a basic (alkaline) reaction. In a basic… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Acid-fast — Acid fastness is a physical property of some bacteria referring to their resistance to decolorization by acids during staining procedures.cite journal |author=Madison B |title=Application of stains in clinical microbiology |journal=Biotech… …   Wikipedia

  • Acid fuchsin — also called Masson Stain is commonly used to stain tissue sections in the Histology Laboratory. Formula: * 1 gm of Acid Fuchsin * 1 mL of Glacial Acetic Acid (HOAc) * 100 mL of Distilled water See also *Histology *Connective… …   Wikipedia

  • acid fuchsin — also acid fuchsine n an acid dye used chiefly in histology as a general cytoplasmic stain and for demonstration of special elements (as mitochondria) called also acid magenta * * * a mixture of sulfonated fuchsins used in Andrade indicator and in …   Medical dictionary

  • acid-fast — Denoting bacteria that are not decolorized by acid alcohol after having been stained with dyes such as basic fuchsin; e.g., the mycobacteria and nocardiae. * * * acid fast as əd .fast adj not easily decolorized by acids (as when stained) used esp …   Medical dictionary

  • acid fuchsin stain — a diffuse stain containing acid fuchsin and diluted hydrochloric acid in purified water, for demonstrating axons and as a component of connective tissue stains …   Medical dictionary

  • Stain, Gram — The Danish bacteriologist J.M.C. Gram (1853 1938) devised a method of staining bacteria using a dye called crystal (gentian) violet. Gram s method helps distinguish between different types of bacteria. The gram staining characteristics of… …   Medical dictionary

  • acid-fast — adj. 1) describing bacteria that have been stained and continue to hold the stain after treatment with an acidic solution. For example, tuberculosis bacteria are acid fast when stained with a carbol fuchsin preparation. 2) describing a stain that …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • acid fuchsine — noun or acid magenta Usage: often capitalized A&F&M : an acid triphenylmethane dye that is now usually obtained by sulfonation of fuchsine and is used in the form of a salt chiefly in histology as a general cytoplasmic stain and for demonstration …   Useful english dictionary

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